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Philippine National Directory Advertising is a project of Cyberspace Liaisons & IT Solutions, Inc. designed to help connect millions of consumers with local businesses by making relevant business information readily available to use. The idea of this project has developed through the influenced of rapidly growing internet users, consumers and businesses around the globe. Online advertising is a gateway to create business centers where consumers and business owners meet. Informations such as business names, services offered, addresses, contact numbers, business locations and maps are relevant to the mutual benefit of both parties.

Why use our service?

Philippine National Directory Advertising help companies be recognized by the millions of people searching online without spending a lot of money with a minimum amount of time. We help companies expand their exposure to any level of society, local, national, even international level where business is capable of serving and this helps speed up companies growth and development.

We offer personalized service to each of our customers. Each company provides detailed relevant information for the consumers through our website. These information includes Business Name, Address, Phone number, Fax, E-mail, Services, activities, products, search terms, links, photos and banners.

By providing these information, the countless audience on internet will easily locate and find local businesses in their area where they need the product and or services. We will be able to address and help meet the needs of suppliers and customers through our effort to build this Philippine National Directory website accross the country. Be One Of Us!

Customers feedback

I am completely satisfied with the services of this directory site. When I started to advertise with them I can always check all the necessary information about business. All I ever wanted in my advertisement is there. Many directory sites are not very comprehensive and professional but with them I experienced proper customer service and satisfaction. The location is very informative where you can search and inquire anything you wanted to know about a company. Moreover, all the information can be easily updated and modified at any time in this business dictionary. Company photos, services, products, activities, location map, links to an unlimited searches and introductions. This combination won the appeal to us. Several of our customers who had seen the ad on this page were looking for us and helped grow our business. Based on my experience and feedback, all I can recommend is to publish your company to online directory advertising such as this if you want your business even more successful. Thank you so much for this, it is a blessing to me and my business.


I love this directory. Here I can easily check telephone numbers of important government agencies here in Mindanao! I am from Cagayan de Oro by the way. Nice job guys!


Hello I'm from Camiguin! I just published my business in this directory. I found it very helpful. For advertising, it is the most cheapest in my experience and very effective. Best ever! Barato pa kaayo! Thanks!



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